May 22nd, 2013


Assisted Living Marketing

There’re numerous facts in this subject written on “Assisted Living” that we might take the time to review carefully with attention so that you can acquire the most from it.

Would you Fully Appreciate Your personal Services?
Management and personnel in assisted living over and over tell me how good they're at taking care of seniors. However, their marketing often doesn't communicate that viewpoint in a manner that the consumer must hear it.

For instance, in a current "Talk ‘in About Care" work out attended by representatives of numerous facilities, I asked the group if supplying medications for their senior residents was a cutting-edge service. People hesitated and looked over one yet another. Finally, somebody said they did not think so, and that became the consensus of the area. The reasoning - common, expected nothing special.

The logic appeared to be that if everyone else in assisted living is supplying meds (and hopefully, all of them do it perfectly), it might not make a difference to the customer? So this "everyday" professional specialty is usually listed among services, but seldom highlighted.

The Eyes Of The Beholder
I then brought it to the group's attention that I simply read articles in McKnight's Long-Term Care News that stated "Older adults make over fifty percent of all trips to the er for adverse drug interactions. " My students weren't surprised to know this and agreed that it's a major concern for seniors and their household members. So my conclusion for them was they have a target audience that places a higher value on something they provide. At exactly the same time, they feel it's a very essential (but common) service and therefore are proud of how well they offer it, yet they still undervalue this service... and don't claim its marketing advantages.

Common Marketing/Communication Mistakes
Assisted living businesses and personnel often communicate value within their terms. This can result in their target markets maybe not understanding and/or associated with the message that's given or the worthiness of the service on offer. Here are four mistakes that senior care providers usually make.

Highly value what they do from a business insider standpoint. This has a tendency to over value something and/or maybe not connect well with the customer. Example: The sales person raves about how exactly their facility is like home, as the prospect looks around and sees little similarity for their three bedroom, 2 bath home that's filled with 25 years of memories and offers feelings of comfort.

Undervalue what they do simply because they do it every single day and just take its benefits for granted. Example: Hand out meds with set procedures including checks and balances, but don't highlight a 10 Point Medication Management Program that's in writing and on the website.
Neglect to employ a service they already provide to deal with an important problem of a target audience. Example: Offer exercise and stretching classes, but don't relate or highlight how these services help individuals with arthritis to keep or improve grip, balance and/or flexibility.
Neglect to package services together that they're already providing to deal with an important problem of a target audience. Example: Staying with the arthritis example above, don't promote an Easing Arthritis program despite the fact that they offer exercise and stretching classes, alongside providing a menu and supplements that decrease inflammation, ice pack therapy, massage of stiff joints and medication management.

Speak Their Value, Increase Move-Ins
Value in assisted living must absolutely begin with the management and staff. However that value should be communicated to the customer in a manner that makes sense to the finish user/caregiver/decision maker and you will be seen as resolving their problems. Three ways to do this are:

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Providing innovative services which are seen as valuable to your target markets.
Packaging services and amenities in to programs that address the requirements of target markets.
Target and serve niche markets which have specific needs that match the advantages of your innovative services and programs.

Once the consumer values a cutting-edge service (or package) that addresses their need, the providing facility gains a trying to sell advantage. Additionally, that service usually becomes a way of measuring comparison. So in the example above, facilities who don't offer their version of an Easing Arthritis program on the website and/or on the tour are instantly put at a competitive disadvantage.

These services don't have to be new (even though new services could be a huge plus). They have to provide important advantages to those who need them. Then work hard to enhance your communication of this (consumer) value... and train your staff to relate that value. In so doing, recognition and referrals will increase; decisions will undoubtedly be made faster, as well as your move-ins increases.

It is little aspects, such as this, which may aid you in your surf about “Assisted Living”. So, have a break and decide which aspects would be great for you to take.

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