June 25th, 2013


Considerations in Using Commercial Pressure Washers 

Construction sites of any size and shapes are field with dust, dirt and other deposits which can detract from the final output. In the case particularly of residential building, construction companies should turn over the property in its pristine, faultless condition. To achieve this, certain machines such as commercial pressure washer is used to get the job done right and completely.

Cleaning up after building the property is not an easy task. As said earlier, accumulation of grease, dust, dirt, grime and other residues can greatly affect the way the property will look and so they have to be removed at all cost. A powerful commercial pressure washing machine is often used as an ideal tool to remove all those residues. The best thing about using these machines is they combined great features with advanced technology to immediately complete almost any cleaning tasks faced during post-construction clean-up. Some specifications are needed for such applications.

The first option to select is the power method. A commercial power washer can run on gasoline and electricity. Electric commercial pressure cleaners require being near an electrical supply. If electricity runs at the time of cleaning after the construction job is over, then such machines are best for the job. They offer more readily accessible energy and are clean burning.

In most instances, the job of a construction company is accomplished before electricians are on the job meaning there will be no available electricity source. This makes electric pressure cleaners an inconvenient and unsuitable option to choose. In cases like this, you can opt for commercial pressure washers that operate in gasoline, diesel and propane. Though they machines generate exhaust while in use, post-construction cleaning is basically an exterior process hence the emitted fumes won’t harm the user.

The levels of temperature should be considered as well. Post-cleaning cleanup can be dealt with cold water pressure washers. However, these systems may not have additional cleaning power as heat. You can instead opt for wet steam or hot pressure washers. To acquire maximum versatility, choose tri-mode pressure washers as they are flexible and enable the use of hot water, cold water and wet steam that can be very beneficial depending on the level of the application at hand.

Industrial and commercial pressure washing companies will have machines that have their own water tanks for areas which have no water to supply.

Other key considerations include the flow rates and pressure levels. High flow rates and pressure levels can offer you with better cleaning power although it is very important that the surface to be cleaned can withstand this power.

Finally, make sure to consider the mobility of the machines. Truck mounted pressure washing machines can provide you with the best mobility for post-construction cleaning because the heavy, high powered machine can be transported easily by moving the trailer or truck. This needs less manpower for moving the system whine being able still to offer enhanced portability. Additionally, with truck mounted cleaning washers, the operators can use up to 300ft of pressure hose without the cleaning power losing. What this means is that operators can place the truck right in the drive way and reach applications on the entire home.

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No matter which way you look at it, having a firm understanding of this topic area regarding Pressure Washing will benefit you, even if it is just slightly.

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