June 21st, 2013


PRK Laser Eye Surgery - Safe and Effective Procedure

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Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) laser eye surgery has been existent for over 12 years and is regarded as quite a safe procedure. It's the forerunner of the Lasik procedure. There isn't any concrete evidence to claim that PRK laser eye surgery harms the vision or eyes of someone over time. The procedure can be used less, unlike Laser and Lasik treatment.

Concerning the Procedure:
If your patient comes with an unusually thin cornea or sometimes, a sizable pupil, a surgeon may recommend PRK laser eye surgery for the individual. Lasik and Laser facial treatment are considered complicated under these conditions.

The eye part of the patient is cleaned and the eyelid is held intact, utilizing a metal ring. Anesthetic drops which are administered make sure that the eyes are numb. This prevents discomfort once the laser can be used. In other laser eye treatments, the eye's shape is reformed, underneath the surface of cornea. However in PRK procedure, the cornea is reshaped by detatching thin layer of cells, with a laser examiner, from the eye's surface. The epithelium has a tendency to naturally grow right back and unwanted effects are less.

Unlike newer and high level laser eye surgeries, PRK laser eye surgery requires a longer recovery time. The patients, following the surgical procedure, experience greater disquiet and greater pain. The vision could be blurred and hazy in the patients of PRK, for pretty much two months. The complete consequence of the surgery is apparent only after a couple of months.

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Risks Involved:

Like other surgeries, this surgery includes a few risks involved. They're:

o Dry eyes:

This can be a common side-effect and eye drops are utilized for lubricating the eyes and keeping away from infections.

o Poorer night vision:

The daytime vision of someone will improve after PRK which will help the patients to handle their day to day routine, without the aid of contact lenses and glasses. Night vision sometimes will undoubtedly be poorer than that of the vision that existed before surgery. This ensues in the patients- seeing halo or glare round the lights. Driving in night isn't advised for some months and glasses become essential for driving throughout the night time.

Results have proven that a lot more than 80% of individuals who choose this process do maybe not use corrective lenses or glasses. This is exciting news for those who have defective eyesight that should be rectified. PRK surgery has several benefits and is reputed as a safe procedure by having an impressive success rate.

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