June 21st, 2013


Voiceover Recording - How to Get Rid of Mouth Noises

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Maybe you have stopped to think about how little items of food stuck between your teeth can ruin a great take?

Recording following you eat may end up in some complications, such as the overproduction of saliva along with other undesirable effects.

Brushing your teeth once you eat truly goes quite a distance and flossing goes even more. Your recording equipment is very sensitive though and can pick up a lot more than you anticipate.

Caution: the microphone can hear your own hair growing!

Microphones are extremely sensitive. If you have ever been element of a recording session or edited your personal work, guess what happens I mean!

Basic oral hygiene aside, there are other things you can do that can help minimize and sometimes even eliminate distracting noises in the studio.

Stand an additional inch or two from your pop-screen and place the mic aside of the mouth area. Have your recording area separate from your own computer area or transform it off as computers have a continuing hum that the good mic will pick up. It may be beneficial to switch of the central heating or cooling systems too.

When you are in a recording session avoid wearing noisy clothing that ruffles whenever you move, or jewellery that jangles together. Your microphone will even pick up the ticking of one's watch.

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Do not scratch or rubbing that person (particularly if you're bearded) as this is heard in your recording as well.

Granny smith apples are considered natures tooth brush so, whenever you can't brush, eating these just before recording might help eliminate those ugly mouth noises. Avoid eating any milk products as they are able to create a thick coating in the mouth area and throat which will likely throw your voice off.

Caffeine in large doses can dry up your mouth and throat so utilize it in moderation. Decaffeinated green tea extract is better but sipping on room temperature water is better.

Are you an allergy sufferer? During allergy season make sure to take a decongestant before recording to help keep your voice from sounding nasally.

Finally, wear your headphones! Our minds perform a wonderful job of filtering out noises that aren't essential for all of us to hear. Whenever you wear your headphones you are able to clearly hear those little ticks, clicks, and blips that you wouldn't otherwise hear.

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