June 20th, 2013


How to Tell Bobsledding From the Luge

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There's a misconception that luge and bobsledding are now the same sport. The truth is, while both winter sports are very similar, there are several significant differences that you need to take into consideration.

First, the similarities. Both luge and bobsledding are featured as events in the wintertime Olympics. These two sports involve plunging feet first down an icy track and therefore are extremely dangerous for the participants. They also both require a lot of nerve and very quick reflexes. This however, is actually where the similarities end.

The first big difference is in the amount of participants. Lugers are usually working alone of with someone whereas bobsledders can perhaps work in teams as high as four people. Since bobsledding is really a team effort, the members of the team must learn how to function as you. At top speed, bobsledders end up traveling at a hundred kilometers each hour. If they have been not perfectly in sync, it might spell disaster. As a luger, you dont need to worry about coordination, to help you spend additional time improving their position and learning how to deal with difficult turns.

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Next, the kind of equipment used is drastically different. A luge is really a small device, approximately how big a few skateboards. This doesn't provide hardly any protection in the event of an accident. The tiny surface protects them from the friction on the track but there system is susceptible in an accident. A bobsled however is shaped just like a canoe with a bigger opening. The front and sides of the bobsled do offer a little bit of protection from the weather and in the event of a crash. The bobsled can also be designed to soak up a tiny bit of the impact in the event of collision.

Last but not least, while safety is definitely an issue with bobsledding as well, as a luger, it is imperative that you learn to protect yourself in the event of a crash. Simply because they travel at such incredibly fast speeds, a luger needs in order to make lightning fast decisions so as react correctly to a problem. This often means the big difference between walking from a crash and needing to be caught up.

While you will find significant differences between luge and bobsledding, both could be a wonderfully entertaining sport to view or take part in. Knowing more about each sport can help you produce an educated decision regarding which one you'd prefer.

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