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Each embodied soul needs an anchor in higher realms of consciousness to stabilize the vibration of the physical body on the planet. Since we wear the vibrational frequencies of these we align with, naturally the purer those frequencies, the more fun they are and the smoother goes our lives. Many people are now dealing with ascended masters to greatly help the Earth and humanity shift in to lighter planes of consciousness. They are receiving intense and pure energy within their bodies to be able to anchor these frequencies in our planet plane.

In allowing ascended masters to send pure frequencies of energy from cosmic, solar, and multidimensional sources, numerous fully-trained empaths are utilizing their chakras and subtle bodies as channels much like high-voltage transformers, which step down intensely vibrating frequencies right into a more useable and less harmful current that may be accepted by humanity. However, this really is causing some emotional, mental, and physical disquiet. In addition to attempting to heal their very own past, these people might feel drained since they're also picking right up negative energy from those around them to be able to transmute it and free the others from karma and putting up with. Karma may be the "law of sin and death" that the Bible mentions. It keeps us on a cycle of reincarnation, which really is a very slow method to ascend. We're under what the law states of grace, that is freedom from guilt, shame, and punishment. We are able to live in experiential understanding of this bliss and ascend faster and with less outward indications of resistance.

Many starseeds (souls who've been to other areas before visiting Earth), walk-ins (souls which come into an adult body instead of being born into a baby), lightworkers (more evolved souls here to greatly help the planet ascend), and indigos (kids who possess unusual and/or supernatural characteristics or abilities) have agreed to come quickly to Earth to do certain duties. Transmuting negativity in to positive or beneficial energy is some of those tasks. Regrettably, many empaths use their body for this function. Instead, you can begin a rapport with a number of ascended master and keep these things assist with working for you fulfill your divine purpose on the planet. They are willing to use you and assist you to raise your personal vibration which means you are less suffering from detrimental energy.

Assisting souls who're incarnating to the Earth or crossing over to the afterlife is a duty of mine for a long period, but it took me years of struggling with the detrimental energy of some departing and/or earthbound souls before I learned that which was going on and how to handle this task. When i began to improve my vibration by aligning my will with the will of the I'M Presence, I started experiencing fewer encounters with earthbound entities. Why? Because once we ascend, the negativity within our mental and emotional fields that lower-vibrating energy is drawn to decreases. Our ministry/purpose also becomes clear.

A number of you are utilizing energy, light, and information to heal people, plants, animals, and the Earth's soil, air, and water. A number of you are serving as activists for social reform, humanitarian efforts, and better health/living conditions around the world. Others have found a talent for writing and teaching, delivering channeled messages, or providing intuitive readings. Some find that they'll influence the elements, align the earth's gridlines (ley lines), and do a number of other important spiritual tasks such as for example transmuting karma for the others.

Even if you're not called to complete the work of transmutation, you are able to still use ascended masters, and I recommend that you do. As evolving souls, we fundamentally have all the details we need and can vibrate at whatever level we would like. But, these cosmic beings-as well as angels, archangels, ascended masters, along with other non-physical beings of light-do maybe not infringe upon our free will or make assumptions by what we want in life. Therefore, we should ask because of their help.

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That doesn't imply that some people are maybe not unconsciously dealing with these masters on a soul level or maybe during the dream state. Many empaths have become more conscious of their multidimensional experiences. You might see, feel, hear, and sense these spiritually-advanced beings around you.

Continue the spiritual purification techniques outlined in my own book, with this blog, or that you have discovered to work for you personally. Never stop loving the divine essence within you. Always acknowledge, speak to, and request assistance out of this blessed presence.

No matter which way you look at it, having a firm understanding of this topic area regarding Ascended Masters will benefit you, even if it is just slightly.


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